'Through the love of God, we protect our school community. Together we trust, hope, persevere and flourish on life's great adventure.'


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Celebration Page

Celebration Page

Power Up Your Passport!

Each week in school we focus on one of our seven core Christian values.


Staff can award pupils a stamp in their Passport when they are seen to be 'living' that value.

At the end of each week the class with the most overall passport stamps earns themselves a non uniform day the following week.

Reception 14
Year 1 15
Year 2 2
Year 3 7
Year 4 10
Year 5 2
Year 6 9

Star Award!

Every week children from each class are awarded the star award for demonstrating the Christian Value for that week.

Week Commencing 30th January 

Christian Value : Forgiveness

Reception Olivia forgiving her peers. Radley for forgiving himself during his lessons
Year 1 Josie for forgiving herself during her learning and persevering to achieve.  Jase forgiving others during challenge time.
Year 2 Hafsah for showing compassion and being quick to forgive her peers. Alex for overcoming his challenges in his math's and finishing the week a confident learner.  
Year 3 Archie for learning to be patient and understanding his peers. Joshua for being patient and understanding his peers.
Year 4 Tiana for forgiving a friend after a misunderstanding. Grace for forgiving a friend after a misunderstanding.
Year 5 Melvyn for forgiving himself when he gets distracted. Dolly for forgiving others and being an agent of peace.
Year 6 Lucas for forgiving his mistakes in lessons and turning his behaviour around. Jacob for forgiving his mistakes in his work and understanding how to correct it.

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